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CLean and Seal Your Pavers and Roof

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Cleaning and Sealing Pavers in Cape Coral, Fort Myers and Naples

Your Local Cleaning and Sealing Experts

Welcome to Next Level Cleaning and Sealing. We are dedicated to the hardscape industry and customer satisfaction for 10 years. We understand your concerns regarding the maintenance and care of paver installations.

Save Hundreds When You Get  Our Driveway/Lanai Combo!

Also Discounts for Veterans and First Responders

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A restored paver driveway using our Durable 3-4 Year No SKID - No SLIP Driveway Sealer

You invest in your paver hardscape and like a home your pavers require regular maintenance.

Key Benefits include:

✓ Erosion and Washout Prevention

✓ 3-4 Years Durability

✓ Color Enhancement

✓ No Peeling, No Clouding Over Time

✓ Paver and Sand Joint Stabilization

✓ Stain Prevention

✓ No SLIP - No SKID Application

✓ Prevent Weed Growth

✓ Restore the Original Look of Your Pavers

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Paver Installation

We also install paver driveways, patios, pool areas, walkways and lanai areas.  Pavers come in many different colors and textures.  Creating a durable and beautiful surface.


Knowledge of Pavers

We found that most companies offering paver sealing and paver maintenance are primarily pressure washing and general restoration type companies that have little to no experience with the interlocking paver system and lack the ability to catch and fix minor issues during the maintenance process that could otherwise lead to larger issues later.  Read more about the Benefits of Paver Sealing.

Preassure Washing Company

Clean and Seal Your Tile Roof

We Seal your Porous roof tile to prevent algae and mold growth on your roof.

We have the know-how to clean and seal your tile roof. The ugly blackened areas and streaks that you see on your roof making it look dirty, are actually the result of algae and bacteria. This algae and bacteria continue growing, and spreading on your roof, until you have it professionally treated and cleaned.

Improper sealing of the roof tiles, can harm your roof. It can cause significant... read more about clean and seal roof tile here

Free Cracked Tile Repair Included for all Roof Sealing!

Also Discounts for Veterans and First Responders

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Clean and Seal Tile Roof

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